overdue thank yous

Tolstoy said: "Art is the transmission of feeling." In 2018, a performance artist inspired several books, screenplays, and musical programs in me. Some performers may hit a high note, but few ever touch the soul. Little Zhenya, you touched mine, and I'm forever grateful for your gift.  

Big appreciation for my readers everywhere!  Vincent McHugh once wrote "a writer's business is to affect the reader." In that sense, I hope my books entertain, touch your heart, provide laughs, cause nightmares, and make you think. Thanks for the support!
A special "thank you" to my awesome photographer Rene' Bidez for making me look good and helping the entire shoot be an enjoyable, fun experience. All my personal photography for my book covers and website are by Rene' Victor Bidez, Inc.,  www.BidezPhoto.com

Hugs and thank yous are due my fantastic group of pre-readers. Your editing and suggestions make me a better writer. I appreciate your dedication and willingness to assist me in my creative endeavors and offer constructive criticism. God bless you.

Every person is born with some God-given aptitudes and intelligence to contribute to the lives of others. I was blessed with a flare for writing and storytelling, so I thank my Heavenly Father for my creative gifts and the opportunity to share them with the world.



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