​​​​Poe is a great dog who has never experienced the melancholy associated with his namesake.  He is very jolly and believes our national currency should be based on the tennis ball instead of the dollar.

A.X. Rhodes' photography by


Poe and I found Fred living in a large woodpile on vacant property.  Almost named RC for Ray Charles, Fred nervously lifts and places his little front paws repeatedly, flexing his claws, "playing the piano." 

Aaron Xavier Rhodes was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in the town of Tyrone, south of the Atlanta Airport.  At a young age, Ax displayed a gift for language arts, a limitless imagination, and a hunger for information about the world.  He credits his gifted class teacher in elementary school with sparking his interests in animals, history, art, poetry, outer space, and authors like Poe and Blake.

         His first attempt at a novel came in the second grade, but Ax never got past chapter five.  Suspenseful short stories came later such as The Tyrone Massacre and Megaledon Lives.  Usually feeling like an outsider, AXR found little in common with his peers and withdrew into his creative mind, immersing himself in drama, reading, singing, songwriting, playing guitar, and writing stories.  Unlike some teens, he never felt lonely or bothered by his solitary nature, but was intrigued by the strange stories of Matheson, Bradbury, Koontz, and King.  At the age of thirteen, AXR began his first novel, which took fourteen years to finish.  Also a big fan of scary movies, Ax tried his hand at directing and screenwriting, filming two full-length horror flicks, one in high school and the other in college while studying broadcasting at Georgia Southern University.  He later completed graduate studies in counseling and human services at Liberty University.

         After dabbling in the music and movie industry for a short time, Ax began working in radio as a DJ while finishing college and decided that broadcasting provided an ample outlet for his creativity.  He enjoyed music radio and news reporting, but then moved on to shine in FM-Talk formats with cutting-edge character impressions and political comedy bits.  During this time, AXR also started reading authors like Bloch, Blatty, Simmons, and Michaels, and spent some time raising and training horses, teaching ESL, and running a successful tutoring business.  Yet he still felt unfulfilled.

         Through a series of life altering events, personal injuries, and tragic losses, Ax was reminded his gift of storytelling was both a blessing and a curse, but also his life's question and answer.  Now fully Immersed in his writing endeavors, AXR lives a quiet life near Athens, Georgia, and finds inspiration in the lonely waters of the St. Mary's and Oconee Rivers.

         "To me, writing represents the last frontier and absolute freedom.  In an endless search for El Dorado,  I am a literary explorer."  A.X. Rhodes