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At a young age, Aaron Xavier Rhodes displayed a gift for language arts, a limitless imagination, and a hunger for information about everything. His gifted teacher in elementary school helped spark his curiosity in biology, art, astronomy, and authors like Poe and Blake.  

Solitary by nature, AX spent little time socializing, preferring to express himself through music, poetry, songwriting, fiction, and theater. Also an avid movie buff, he tried screenwriting and directing, filming two feature length horror flicks, one in high school and another in college, and really enjoyed this creative outlet. He later completed a bachelor's degree in broadcasting, a master's in counseling and human services, and, after fourteen years of steady work, he finished his first novel.

With eclectic interests, Rhodes has dabbled in the music and movie industries, raised and trained horses, worked in broadcasting, taught ESL overseas, and studied foreign languages and cultures. However, he has realized his best contribution is storytelling; a blessing, a curse of sorts, but also his life's question and answer. AX now endeavors as an author, entrepreneur, and life coach, and lives near Athens, Georgia.

     "To me writing represents the last frontier and true freedom. In an neverending search for El Dorado, I am a literary explorer." A.X. Rhodes