Greetings and salutations, Curious I-net Wanderer. I'm novelist and screenwriter A.X. Rhodes, specializing in dark thrillers and horror tales. But you may call me AX. In the third grade, I read The Tell-Tale Heart, and saw my first scary movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street. And I was hooked on horror. 

A lot has changed since then, but my love of the genre has not. If you are like me, however, you are weary of books with redundant plots, unanswered questions, and lame endings. My stories are smart, original, and suspenseful, with realistic characters. Craving creepy tales? Read my books. Goosebumps - guaranteed.



Summer Pre-release: At the request of fans, A.X. Rhodes has extended a short story from the Campfire Tales collection. Defeated by vicious divorce and the loss of custody of her kids, Joanna returns to her great-grandparents' plantation house in rural South Carolina. But she does not realize her new property hides a terrifying secret, and her great grandfather was a hateful fiend who bullied locals and murdered a young man. Struggling to recover from emotional scars, find purpose in her life without her children, and make friends in an unfamiliar setting, Joanna soon discovers something peculiar about an item in her basement that goes beyond the realm of mere artistic impression. Find out who created the pathway to Painting Macabre - available for pre-order soon. 


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